Our available
in-person class options

Private Classes

Classes sold in packages of 10 or 20 hours and can be used at student's leisure

  • 1 hour drop-in private class
    55,000 COP

    19 US$
  • 10 hour package
    500,000 COP

    173 US$
  • 20 hour package
    900,000 COP

    310 US$
  • Design your own
    learning program

Private Group

Perfect for couples, friends, or family traveling together in a group

  • Minimum of
    two students

  • 400,000 COP
    138 US$
    per student
  • 10hrs total instruction

  • Flexible schedule and customized program

Group Classes

Classes Monday to Friday,
4 hours per day,
20 hours in total

  • Min 3 students,
    max 7

  • 600,000 COP
    207 US$
    per student
  • 20hrs a week
  • Take a look at our calendar and sign up!

Travel Spanish

Learn the basics to
become an independent traveler in LatAm

  • Min 3 students,
    max 7

  • 450,000 COP
    155 US$
    per student
  • 15hrs a week
  • Learn about our language and culture with us!

Group Classes Calendar

60 hours / 3 weeks

Jan 21st - Feb 8th
Mar 25th - Apr 12th
May 27th - Jun 14th
Jul 29th - Aug 16th
Sep 30th - Oct 18th
Dec 2nd - Dec 20th
40 hours / 2 weeks

Feb 11th - Feb 22nd
Apr 15th - Apr 26th
Jun 17th - Jun 28th
Aug 19th - Aug 30th
Oct 21st - Nov 1st
40 hours / 2 weeks

Feb 25th - Mar 8th
Apr 29th - May 10th
Jul 1st - Jul 12th
Sep 2nd - Sep 13th
Nov 4th - Nov 15th
40 hours / 2 weeks

Mar 11th - Mar 22nd
May 13th - May 24th
Jul 15th - Jul 26th
Sep 16th - Sep 27th
Nov 18th - Nov 29th

Terms and Conditions

Pricing and payments
The total value of the package must be paid in advance, otherwise, each hour of class will be charged individually at full price. Payment for the following week’s class must be received by Friday 3pm. Pricing is subject to change. You may secure the current price and avoid future price increases by paying the full course amount in advance. If a student books classes and the price subsequently rises, additional classes will be charged at the new rate. If classes are not taken within 12 months of payment they will be forfeited.

Attendance and rescheduling
Private classes and Private groups: Class changes must be advised with a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise the class will be forfeited.
Group classes: attendance for the full week is the student’s responsibility. Once classes have commenced, missed days cannot be refunded, rescheduled, or transferred to another period of time or to another person. Only emergencies supported with formal written documentation will be taken into consideration for a refund or transfers. Group Classes go ahead with 3 students or more. If you booked group classes and are the only student that week you will be offered private classes at 60% the number of hours. If there are two students you'll be offered a private closed group of 75% of hours.

Cancellations and refunds
Partial refunds are only made in cash in the school. If this is not an option for you, we can provide online classes instead.
To apply for a tuition refund, the student, or the agent, must submit written notice of withdrawal to the following e-mail: laura.mora@eslinguaviva.com.
1. Effective before the start date
1.1. If a student cancels its course 30 days or more before its course's commencement date, all fees will be refunded.
1.2. If a student cancels its course less than 30 days before its course's commencement date, a cancellation fee of 25% of tuition fees will apply.
1.3. If a student cancels its course 7 days or less before its course's commencement day, the school will retain 30% of the tuition and refund the difference to the student.
2. Effective after the start date
2.1. If a student cancels within 10% of the course time period for which he/she has registered), the school will refund 60% of all tuition fees paid under the contract.
2.2. If a student cancels within 30% of the course time period, the school will refund 40% of all tuition fees paid under the contract.
2.3. No refund will be paid if a student cancels (or is dismissed) when 30% or more of the course has been completed.