Our Teachers

Diana, a teacher at Lingua Viva

Diana De León

Online Instructor

Diana is from Guatemala and has 10+ years of experience teaching students at all levels. She aspires to have all of her students fluent in Spanish very quickly. Diana has several hobbies including reading, cooking, and is actively involved in several volunteer orphanages in Guatemala City. Finally, if you are planning travel to Central America Diana can provide advice and guidance. Interestingly David, one of Lingua Viva’s co-founders, studied Spanish with Diana many years ago.

Danny, a teacher at Lingua Viva

Danny Javier

Online Instructor

Originally from Venezuela, Danny currently lives in Colombia. He is very friendly, and has a passion for foreign language. Danny holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He comes from a family of teachers and has 10+ years of experience. Always willing to help, Danny has a unique teaching focus. If you find yourself in Bucaramanga, Danny can show you the area, surrounding sights, and pueblas.

Carolina, a teacher at Lingua Viva

Carolina Silva Escobar


Carolina is a charming and lively member of Lingua Viva with 11+ years of teaching experience. She loves to teach students appropriate ways to communicate effectively in Spanish without the fear of making mistakes. She holds a professional teaching license and has a graduate degree with emphasis in Foreign Language.

Juan Pablo, a teacher at Lingua Viva

Juan Pablo Ramírez


Born in Cali, but raised in London, Juan Pablo has led an interesting life. He has an undergraduate degree in Foreign Language and 10+ years of experience. Juan Pablo has taught and worked as a professor and interpreter in Spanish, English, and French languages. He prides himself on having a ‘situational teaching style’, which means he caters lessons to fit student needs. He is serious about teaching, responsible, professional, clear, and concise.

Andrés Felipe, a teacher at Lingua Viva

Andrés Felipe De La Vega


Andres Felipe received an undergraduate degree from the Universidad del Valle in Foreign Language and Instruction. By definition, he is a true polyglot speaking Spanish, French, English, and constantly learning more. Andres has 7+ years of teaching experience. He is a Caleño through and through and says “I love to teach, and it’s my pleasure to see students understanding, progressing, and speaking Español, my native language”.

Dayron, Academic Director at Lingua Viva

Dayron Wapache

Academic Director & Partner

Dayron is co-owner, and the heart of Lingua Viva. He is a licensed Educator and Interpreter with 15+ years of experience, and holds a graduate degree in Foreign Language Instruction. A native Caleño who creates a comfortable environment for his students. Dayron is loved by all and inspires confidence in his students when learning and speaking Spanish. He is also an avid comedian that loves to dance salsa.